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Sunless Tanning

The Science behind Solerra


SOLLERA® brings to sunless tanning and SPF what Intel® brought to the PC! Developed by scientists using advanced pharmacology, Solerra® is the only pharmaceutical-grade sunless tanning system available. Formulated specifically for the discerning client to deliver the most natural sunless tanning experience and replenish skin with essential elements.

INVISICARE® is the only sunless tanning system on the market to use patented INVISICARE® Advanced polymers delivery system.

INVISICARE® encapsulates sunless tanners and moisturizing technology and bonds them to the skin forming an "invisible layer" of tanning beauty. Skin can breathe normally to promote healthy bonding of active ingredients to the skin with the INVISICARE® layer.

The INVISICARE® layer allows deep penetration and even all-over absorption without the use of silicones, alcohol, gels, waxes or other skin damaging delivery systems. Oxygenating the epidermal layer naturally promoting healthier, youthful looking skin.

INVISICARE® also forms a water-proof, sweat-resistant bond that won't clog pours (non-comedogenic) to insure the healthiest, longest lasting sunless tanning experience.

DHA (Sunless tanner) molecules are bound to the skin cells with INVISICARE® to guarantee even, all-over absorption. The longer and stronger the bond between the molecules insures they will penetrate the outer layer completely. The reason many sunless products fade in 2-4 days is they were never absorbed into the outer epidermal layer properly. A darker tan that lasts longer (7-10 days) and resists streaks during application is the end result!

HYDROTHERAPY provides deep epidermal moisturization. Clinical studies prove INVISICARE® actually increases moisture content in the skin! INVISICARE® bonds silky moisturizer complexes to the skin to reinforce and replenish damaged cells and prevent the natural exfoliating process. Full body hydrotherapy is the key to a luxurious radiant tan.

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