Snoring. The bane of many couple’s nights. It’s something that afflicts one in four adults in the UK, with men being twice as likely to snore as women. Snoring was also cited as the number one ‘unreasonable behavior’ excuse in divorces. There’s a lot of advice online about ways to stop snoring but we’ve got the five most surprising ways for you. And no, it doesn’t include holding a pillow over your partner’s face. Or jabbing them with a sharp object! But it does include taping their mouth shut…

Get Singing Lessons

It doesn’t matter whether you can actually sing in tune or not, what matters is that specialized singing lessons can actually give your throat a workout and this can help you stop snoring. Snoring is caused by a partial obstruction to the throat so singing lessons work by toning the muscles around the areas which would normally cause snoring, such as the soft palate, tongue and nasal passages.


Use Gaffer Tape

And no, we don’t mean you should tape your partner’s mouth or nose shut, no matter how frustrating their snoring is. Well, actually we do – just their mouth in fact. If snoring occurs for you due to a soft palate blockage, using tape that runs from your chin to your cheek can help keep your mouth closed whilst you sleep. This also prevents the soft palate from blocking the throat. Just make sure you use tape that’s easy to get off, otherwise you’ll end up with an unexpected wax… ouch!


Wear Flight Socks. On land.

It does sound a little bizarre but flight socks aren’t just for long-haul journeys, according to a Toronto study; wearing these during the day could help reduce obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), a snoring-related condition that is thought to affect approximately 3 million people in the UK. It seems that the socks help prevent fluid build-up that occurs in the lower limbs during the day. This build-up of fluid is what can cause OSA during the night as this fluid travels towards the neck due to gravity when lying down; so less fluid in the body during the day results in less fluid at night and fewer noisy night times.


Sleep with a Tennis Ball. No, not like that!

Sleep position can impact your chances of snoring and if you like to lie on your back, you’re more likely to snore as this position increases your chance of the tongue and soft tissues falling into the back of your throat and blocking airways. And this is where that tennis ball comes in! If you’ve gone to sleep on your side but automatically roll onto your back in the middle of the night, placing a tennis ball at the back of the T-shirt you wear to bed will soon stop you! It’ll force you to sleep on your side or your front until you get used to it.


Buy New Pillows

Who would have thought new pillows could help you stop snoring? Apparently a build-up of allergens and dust mites can impact breathing and be the cause of snoring so it’s recommended to change them every 6 months. But if you don’t fancy spending so much on pillows, make sure they’re well-cleaned instead.


And if neither of these solutions work for you, there’s always Asonor, an innovative anti-snoring nasal spray which works immediately and is effective in 77% of people.