Ugh. Another sleepless night. It’s so frustrating isn’t it? Ironically, experts advise that you avoid using your phone right before bedtime but with so many apps available to help you sleep, what do you do? We’ve lined up our favourite apps to help you sleep, looking at ones which work on preparing your body for sleep through breath which can calm the nervous system, as well as ones which play soothing music to help remove any noisy distractions such as traffic. As to whether you should be using them or not, we can’t answer that but they’re definitely worth trying if you’re looking for something to help you sleep better.


Long Deep Breathing, £0.79 for iPhone

The Long Deep Breathing app isn’t just for helping you sleep – it actually claims that we don’t breathe properly and by breathing into our lungs fully, we can better remove our alveoli of mucus and therefore clean our lungs. According to the makers, this can also calm our mind and emotions, allowing us to be more productive and focused during the day. They have a bonus feature which is specifically for overcoming insomnia.




aSleep, £0.79 for iPhone

aSleep works by lulling you to the land of nod with a variety of soothing sounds. Some people listen to podcasts or music but because they contain words, the brain can try and make sense of the words and therefore find it harder to fall asleep. Types of sounds featured on aSleep include nature, instruments and basic lullaby tunes. We especially love the bubbles sound.




Pzizz, free for iPhone and Android with in-app purchases

A serious app with a funny name, Pzizz claims to use scientifically proven techniques to create a personalised sleep sound program to help you fall asleep faster. NLP (neurolinguistic programming), binaural beats and special sound effects are combined so that each time you fall asleep, an entirely different tune is played.



Sleep Cycle, Free for iPhone and Android with in-app purchases

Touted as an ‘intelligent alarm clock’, Sleep Cycle is one of the most commonly-known sleep apps. By monitoring your movements (either through the microphone or through it’s accelerometer), it can judge which part of the sleep cycle you’re in and tracks this so that it can wake you during your lightest sleep (the part of your cycle where it’s most natural to wake) and also help you discover just how well you’re sleeping so you can make changes as necessary to your routine.



Sleepmaker rain 2, free for iPhone & Android

Sleepmaker rain focuses on one thing and one thing only – the dreamy sound of different kinds of rain to help lull you to sleep. Choose from options such as gentle rain running down gutters, or onto drains, or even rain with thunder in the distance! Similar to white noise, the constant drumming of rain can block out other sounds that can distract your brain subconsciously and has a clever feature which gradually fades out the sound to help keep you snoozing long after the ‘rain’ has stopped.



Still can’t sleep? Don’t let a sleepless night get in the way of life. If you’re at your wits’ end then try H7, a drug-free insomnia patch that works by stimulating the ancient H7 heart point used in Chinese medicine to reduce anxiety and stress.