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Snoring Alone Does It Matter?

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 21:46:21 Europe/London

Snoring: Does it matter if there’s no one around to hear you?

It’s estimated that 25% to 40% of couples sleep apart due to snoring. Snoring has also resulted in divorce and is in fact, cited as the number one medical reason for couples splitting up. However, what if it’s just you in the bed? If you’re the only one in the room, does it matter that you do?

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Posted in Medical Supplies! A to Z By Eliza Flynn

One bad habit 80% of us have that prevents good sleep

Tuesday, 3 November 2015 22:04:47 Europe/London

“I've always envied people who sleep easily. Their brains must be cleaner, the floorboards of the skull well swept, all the little monsters closed up in a steamer trunk at the foot of the bed.” - David Benioff, City of Thieves.

It’s very difficult to identify what exactly prevents us from getting a good night’s sleep, but there’s one thing for sure, 80%* of us have one bad habit which is spoiling our sleep...

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Posted in Medical Supplies! A to Z By Eliza Flynn

Healthy Tips For Body Parts

Monday, 13 July 2015 12:53:43 Europe/London

The human body is truly amazing. Our understanding of the inner workings of organs is superb, but doctors and medical professionals are always learning new things that are of the utmost importance. If something goes wrong inside our bodies, it can have drastic consequences, which is why so much time, effort and money has been put into making sure we keep ourselves as healthy as possible.

 Here are the top health tips you should follow, to ensure your vital organs stay healthy

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Posted in Medical Supplies! A to Z By Amanda Ling

Did You Know: Insomnia

Tuesday, 16 June 2015 22:21:59 Europe/London

Adults need an average of seven to nine hours of sleep a night, but insomnia can keep them from getting the sleep they need. It’s the most common sleep disorder in North America and Europe. It tends to be more common in women and more likely to occur with age.

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Posted in Medical scrubs By Miray Andriamarozatovo

Good Bugs Versus Bad Bugs

Thursday, 28 May 2015 14:27:58 Europe/London

Bacteria and viruses, things we typically call 'bugs', are all around us. We cannot see these microscopic organisms travelling through the air or living happily on our computer keyboards, but they are present nonetheless. Our daily exposure to them has created an ongoing battle for pre-eminence within our bodies. It is a good bug versus bad bug war that will continue for as long as humankind exists on the earth.Read More
Posted in Medical scrubs By Amanda Ling

Top Ten Products

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 14:01:45 Europe/London

We’ve rounded up a list of the favourite products on ScrubsUK to inspire and intrigue you. Maybe there’s something on here you didn’t realise we stocked? With hundreds of products on our website and many being added each week, this highlights some of our most useful.

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Posted in Medical scrubs By Eliza Flynn

Six Surprising facts About the Common Cold

Wednesday, 8 April 2015 17:13:22 Europe/London

The common cold is so common that many of us think we know an awful lot about this viral infection. However, it turns out that much of what we believe about the common cold is not true. For example, did you know that it is very difficult to catch a cold by kissing someone who is already infected? It's true. Research has shown that only one of 13 people who kiss someone with a cold is likely to come down with one themselves.

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Posted in Medical Supplies! A to Z By amanda ling

Snoring 101

Sunday, 15 March 2015 09:05:26 Europe/London

Snoring 101

Asonor, the innovative anti-snoring spray, recently surveyed 1000 participants about snoring habits and since then, there have been several articles talking about the reasons, insights and advice about this noisy topic.

With snoring affecting  approximately 15 million adults in the UK (that’s 1 in 3), we decided to collaborate all the useful information and put it into this Snoring 101 article of our own.

For a start, did you know that what you eat could even be a cause of smoking?!

What causes snoring?

The distinctive rumbling sound of snoring is caused by muscles in the throat relaxing during sleep. The airways become obstructed which constricts breathing and so the soft tissue vibrates as air is drawn over them. This only happens when you’re asleep as awake, the muscles are tense.

Why is snoring a problem?

Snoring & health

Snoring can be an indicator of ill health and can even cause fatalities. For example, it has been linked to people falling asleep behind the wheel, causing horrific accidents, affecting both the snorer and innocent people.

Snoring could be a sign of several medical conditions, including obstructive sleep apnoea. This occurs when the muscles and soft tissue in the throat relax, collapsing sufficiently to cause a total blockage of the airway. Airflow can be stopped for ten seconds or more before the sleeper wakes up and restarts breathing.

If you have a collar size that’s larger than 17 inches, you snore often and you’ve got high blood pressure, this may be a sign of cardiovascular disease. Make sure you get an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can.

Blood pressure monitor


As well as the above, snoring can greatly impact quality of sleep, which leads to tiredness in the day. This can result in lack of concentration, mood swings, lowered immune system and even depression.


Snoring and relationships

Snoring doesn’t just affect the person who snores but can affect the whole household too, more so if you’re sharing the bed with a snorer. Between couples, snoring can cause arguments – easily understood when it is revealed that 89% of people whose partners snore lose approximately 1.5 hours of sleep each night, leaving them tired and grumpy. A fifth of people even value a good night’s sleep so much that they have considered breaking up with their snoring partner. And sex? Forget it; snoring has been shown to leave 1 in 10 people lacking in sex drive.


So what can those who share a bed with a snoring partner do? Dr Chis Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service and president of Sleep Medicine Section of the Royal Society Medicine has some recommendations below.


Ways to help reduce or stop snoring

If you do snore, or have a snoring partner, you don’t have to suffer an eternity of sleepless nights. There are many ways that you can alleviate snoring, even without the need for invasive or expensive treatment.


Here are 6 of the most effective ways as recommended by Dr Chis Idzikowski:

Use Asonor – this nasal spray delivers lubrication directly into the nasal passage which softens mucous membranes in the throat, and it tightens the muscles. The lubrication helps prevent a dry mouth which a lot of snorers get and the tightened muscles makes the user less likely to snore.

Asnor anti snoring spray


Sleep on your front – this helps your tongue fall forward and provides less constriction of the throat. If you keep moving onto your back, try using pillows to keep you in the right position.

Get a humidifier – it may not sound like the most common cause of snoring but a lot of snorers suffer from nasal congestion or allergies; the humidifier helps clean the air.

Quit smoking – the smoke you inhale from your cigarette can irritate and inflame the linings of your nose and throat which makes it more difficult to breathe. Even if you can’t give up smoking, then try and reduce smoking before bedtime.

Lose excess weight – snoring can be caused by an excess amount of fatty tissue in the back of the throat. By losing weight generally, you can also decrease the fat in your throat.

Exercise to stop snoring


Watch what you eat – steer clear of caffeine, heavy meals and dairy for two hours before bedtime. Some snoring is caused by allergic reactions that inflame the throat or increase mucus production and whilst it hasn’t been confirmed, it is thought that milk and dairy products may increase mucous production.

If all else fails, try a short but sharp dig in the ribs!

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Posted in Stop Snoring, What Really Works! By Eliza Flynn

war time medical supplies and treatment

Thursday, 12 February 2015 08:54:47 Europe/London

Injury and illness are a side of war that none of us like to think about and the clearest sign of the brutality of conflict. As far as medicine and medical treatments go however, war has played an important part. For centuries, war has driven medical advancement and innovation, shaping the modern healthcare landscape. This progression is present as far back as the 15th century and continues today.

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Posted in Medical scrubs By Chris Butterworth

Sleep & Relationships

Wednesday, 4 February 2015 21:17:57 Europe/London

6 Things only those who live with a snorer will understand

 Some people liken it to the noise of a train. Others, to a chainsaw. Some to an unworldly beast that destroys sleep with one swift snort. Regardless of how it’s described, many are in agreement that living with a snorer can leave them at their wits’ end.

 Here are 6 things that only those who live with a snorer will understand:

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Posted in Stop Snoring, What Really Works! By Eliza Flynn

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