We are delighted to present a brand new range of beauty products for high-flying, busy independent women who want to look fantastic wherever they are and whatever they’re doing. Iroha has been specially adapted for the modern woman’s needs, containing natural ingredients and practical, innovative applications

At ScrubsUK, we stock the following products:

  • Face Masks
  • Footcare Socks
  • Handcare Gloves

From head to toe, we have your main beauty needs covered!

Each of the Iroha products are unique in their combination of ingredients yet they all share similar qualities which easily make them a must-have for your bathroom:


Single use products – convenient and easy to use

Quick – treatments take a maximum of 15 minutes to use

Great for use anywhere - with their individual packaging you can pop one in your bag for travel or holiday so you can enjoy the ‘spa treatment’ wherever you are

Innovative design – many of the products don’t require anything aside from what’s in their packet, meaning you can apply it straight away

No fuss – No rinsing needed unlike many other brands so you can move straight from pampering to whatever else is on your to-do list

We’ve outlined the range for you below so you can easily see which one would best suit you and your beauty requirements:


Face Masks

We stock three types of Iroha face masks – Intensive Tissue masks, Creamy Moisturising Masks and Peel-Off Cleansing masks. Each are very different in their benefits and all can be used together.

Each has been designed for maximum comfort, efficacy and ease of use. Each of them is recommended to be used once a week, for 15 minutes. All of them meet a different need, from combatting dull skin, to intensive moisturising to intensive anti-aging.


Intensive Tissue Masks’ first function is to moisturise and they do this through its innovative technology using a serum-saturated non-woven tissue layer to create fast, deep active penetration into the skin. By combining cool serum with heat from the skin, a microcirculation effect occurs, allowing the active ingredients to be easily absorbed by the skin during the recommended 15 minutes. There is an extensive selection of masks to suit all beauty needs including antioxidant Vitamin C + hyaluronic acid, Collagen Plus, Hyaluronic Plus, Firming Q10, Pearl + hyaluronic acid, Moisturising, Regenerating and Rejuvenating.


ScrubsUK stocks 3 Creamy Moisturising Masks Sensual Day with Chocolate which is ideal for recovering moisture, Magic Day with Honey for nourishing and Fun Day with coconut for intensive moisturising. Each of these comes in a multi-use sachet which contains up to 6 applications, with recommended use once a week.

For those wanting to cleanse and purify the skin, there are also the Peel-Off Face Masks which come in handy sachets and contain 5 applications. The Green Tea face mask helps balance oily skin and the Cleansing Lemon gently removes build-up of dirt and pollutants on the skin.

In addition, if you’re after something more localised, we also stock the Cooling Eye pads, which are perfect for the morning after the night before to reduce puffiness, as well as the Lifting patches which are designed to reduce expression lines around the face and eyes.


Intensive Treatment for your hand and feet

Hands come under so much wear and tear that they need pampering every now and again. Exposed to the elements, subjected to all sorts of environmental toxins from washing detergents to cleaning products to pollution, we rely on them for everything. It’s no wonder  that our hands can be one of the first parts of our body to age. That is unless you take good care of them! 

In the Iroha range on ScrubsUK, we have everything that the busy independent woman needs to keep hands nourished and young from rejuvenation with roses, regenerating with peach and grapefruit, and extra soft using argan oil.

And don’t forget to thank your feet! Feet are the most overlooked part of the body yet we work them hard and expect them to look perfect in our summer sandals. But they take work and need rewarding!  

ScrubsUK retails everything you need to keep your feet loveable – from extra fresh with menthol, extra soft with argan oil, exfoliating with lavender, relaxing with peppermint, and repairing with peach.

Both the gloves and socks use similar technology – incorporating a waterproof outer protective layer and lined with a serum-filled inner layer. The heat of the skin on the active ingredients creates a sauna effect which opens pores and allows for easier absorption of nutrients. Both are to be applied for 15-20 minutes and there’s no need to rinse either so you can get on with whatever’s next on your list.  

Whatever your beauty needs, we have it covered. From anti-aging, to nourishing to revitalising tired skin, Iroha has a product that is easy and convenient to apply and gives great results. If you’re a busy, independent woman who is time-poor yet with high standards, then this range is for you.


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