English summers may not be as sweltering as other places, but when summer does reach scorching heights, we must be prepared! And if you work for a dentist surgery, veterinary clinic, beauty parlour, care home, hospital or other establishment where scrubs are required, you’ll know how hot it can get. And if you work at a place where you can choose what scrubs you wear then this is the perfect list for you – we’ve gathered all the perfect scrubs essentials for a scorching summer so you can keep cool throughout.


       Lightweight Cotton Medical Dress

Come summer, especially on busy days, there’s going to come times when long scrubs  trousers just get too hot. If you’ve got freedom to pick and choose the ultimate summer workwear, then this lightweight medical dress is the ultimate essential.

Knee-length and with short sleeves, this Eldan medical scrubs dress is smart and professional-looking, suitable for hospitals, beauty parlours, dentist surgeries, vets and more.

Colours available: Azure, blue, black, celadon, ink blue, kiwi, lavender, plum, turquoise, white and yellow.

                                 Embroidery available? Yes

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   Sporty Men’s Scrubs

Made from 50% polyester and 50% cotton, these lightweight  trousers are available in 11  colours. They’re roomy but stylish and are easy to move around in so whatever you need them for, you’ll not be restricted.

These are smart and somewhat tailored, with belt-loops and four pockets for practicality.

Colours available: Azure, blue, black, celadon, ink blue, kiwi, lavender, plum, turquoise, white and yellow.

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Summer Capri Scrubs

These three-quarter length scrubs trousers are perfect if you want something that is breezy yet demure. With a large fitted waistband, it’s built for comfort whilst giving you more opportunity to stay cool.

They hang mid-calf and can be teamed with all styles of medical scrubs tops.

Colours available: Blue, celadon and white.

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Summer-Style Clogs




Feet get toasty too! They swell up in warm weather and can get rather sweaty. These Klima Flex clogs are unisex and come in 8 summer colours. Plus, they’ve got breathable holes, are backless yet keep your feet secure in them and can also be machine-washed. Moreover, they come with a non-slip sole. What colour will you go for?

Colours available: Azure, beige, black, blue, brown, celadon, green, grey, ink blue, plum, turquoise and white.

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