Who’s up for some festival fun this year? Whether you’re into music, family time, the great outdoors or crafts, there’s something for everyone on the UK and European festival scene! Being in the great outdoors, meeting new people, camping, indulging in good food and drink and partying until the sun comes up is lots of fun but it can take its toll. This is why you’ve got to be prepared for all situations! 

A weekend of partying is a wonderful way to spend summer but what about that Monday morning when you have to drag yourself into work? Or face the kids? We’ve got the ultimate festival essentials to help keep you feeling perky, fresh, safe and full of energy so that when you need to, you’ll bounce straight into the week!

Here’s our top products for keeping you festival-happy:

1. VitaDSO Immune System, £24.50

Your natural defences need as much support as possible, especially when you’re exposed to pollen and potential allergens, rain (you can’t have a good festival without rain!), lack of sleep and lots of excitement. It can be hard to eat well and sleep well during festivals but VitaDSO Immune System can help build your resilience so that once your festival is over, you’ve got the good health to jump straight back into things. As well as superoxide dismutase which is a powerful antiaging enzyme, it also contains zinc, selenium and vitamin B12.

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 2. STERiZAR Hand sanitiser, £3.05

Free from alcohol and perfume and made from natural products, Sterizar foam hand sanitiser is pocket-sized so fits in nicely to pockets and bags. There’s powerful stuff in such a small product and it has been specifically designed to kill dangerous bacteria including C. Diff, MRSA, E. Coli, Salmonella, Legionella and Listeria.

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 3. -TEN- Skincare Luminescence Skin Exfoliation, £23.99

This exfoliation cream works to gently shift ingrained dirt and grime leaving cleansed, fresh skin. Use it with a damp flannel if you don’t have access to running water – you only need a little bit to see the difference and feel rejuvenated. -TEN- Luminescence Skin Exfoliation Cream also contains AHA, which sloughs off dead skin and golden jojoba oil, which moisturises skin deeply, yet allows the skin to breathe.

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 4. Waterless Bathing Shampoo Cap, £2.74

No shower? No worries! The waterless bathing shampoo cap is specifically designed to clean hair after only a few minutes massage using this handy device, leaving it towel dry and ready to style. It’ll remove all dirt and give you that fresh shower-clean feeling. Without a shower.

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 5. Waterless Bathing Wash Mitts, £2.12

Wash yourself from head to toe with these super-sized disposable wipes. Lanolin and alcohol-free, these are kind to skin and easy to use. No water is required and best of all, you won’t have to queue for any cold or dirty festival showers.

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 6. Clear Plasters, £7.45

You never know what’s going to happen at festivals so it’s best to always be prepared. Stock up on plasters so you can deal with any incidents, whether that’s small cuts or blisters. You need to keep your feet happy! They’re discreet, waterproof and come in several sizes so even with a few cuts and scrapes, you can keep on partying.

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What festivals are you going to this year? Which one are you most looking forward to? If you are looking to put together a festival first aid kit you can buy a pre-made one, or call us on 020 7060 9189 for help making up a bespoke one.