If you’re the kind of person who still feels like a twenty-one year old, but whose body tells a different story, don’t worry, ScrubsUK has advice and tips that will leave you looking younger.


Eat Well

In order to keep your body looking great on the outside, you also have to look after it on the inside. With our lives getting busier, people often skimp on high-quality, nutritious food, if in fact, they eat some meals at all. As a result, you can feel tired, have bad skin and it can even affect your moods. It can even lead to more chronic illnesses or diseases.

To keep your body and mind healthy, there are many health supplements that can give you the nutrient boost that you need.

You may not be getting the right nutrients if:

  • You skip lunches or other meals due to being too busy.
  • You’re eating the wrong foods, such as microwave meals.

Some of our most popular Health Supplements

Keep joints from creaking with Omega 3 Fish Oil, £22.99 for 60 capsules.

Take Lyco-Mato for all-round health*, £12.98 for 30 capsules.


Drink Well

And we don’t mean alcohol.

Drinking enough water is so important – water helps flush out the toxins from your body, carries nutrients to cells and keeps areas such as your throat, ears and nose effectively moist.

So how much water should you drink? Depending on your body, it varies. Many official healthcare sites state between 2-3 litres. However, if you have a  medium to large-sized glass of water every couple of hours, this will be one way of ensuring you drink enough water.


Sleep Well

Sleep is important for keeping your body looking and feeling younger. Whilst you sleep, your body repairs itself – sleep allows your body to restore tissues, energy levels and also recover from any illnesses. Sleep is also vital for your mind – it helps reduce stress levels and restores your mental balance.

There are several ways to help get a good night’s sleep. For example:

  • Don’t take in caffeine after dinner. This includes coffee as well as chocolate and fizzy drinks. Have a cup of hot water with honey and lemon in, or a glass of warm milk.
  • Calm your mind before bed. Avoid high-energy or scary films, music or books before you sleep. Avoid any emotional discussions if possible.
  • Ensure your bedroom is set up for a good night’s sleep; keep any electrical items such as televisions or laptops outside and switch off any devices with bright lights. Also make sure you’re a comfortable temperature.

However, there are some disruptions to your sleep that you have no control over. Snoring. If you have a partner or someone you can hear snoring, then it’s time to do something about it. And we don’t mean get rid of them…

The Good Night Anti-Snoring (£29.99) device is a non-invasive metal ring that users wear at night. Using acupressure techniques from 3,000BC this anti-snoring device reduces snoring immediately.

Read more about the good Night Anti-Snoring device here >


Exercise Well

Exercise is important for a healthy, younger-looking body as regular exercise helps prevent diseases, increases stamina, controls your weight, improves your quality of life, strengthens and helps with flexibility. 

Whether you’ve got a gym membership or not, that’s no excuse to not exercise – you can join a sports team, sign up for Pay As You Go sports lessons or change your everyday habits, for example, getting off the bus one stop early.

If you haven’t done exercise before, or for a while, start off gently but make sure you start!


Care for your skin. Properly.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and with it being so exposed to the elements,

Best skincare products for:

Cleansing – use Gamila’s Secret Cleansing Bars, from £21.. They’re safe for sensitive skin and come in 10 different variations.

Hydration – with glowing reviews, the –TEN- Hydration Cream, £31.80 is a must if you suffer from dry skin. Using 7 different types of oils and vitamins, this softens, smoothes and keep skin supply. Perfect for pregnant women too, as it alleviates itchiness and flakiness.

Anti-Aging – Using an extract of Snake Venom, Snake Plus Anti-Ageing Cream, £39.95, diminishes wrinkles by blocking the nerve signals that contract your muscles. It is also intensely hydrating. 

Damaged SkinDermonu’s Acne cream, £26.74 isn’t just for acne – using the active ingredient, Rose Bush Oil, it fades visible acne scars, and other skin imperfections such as whiteheads, blackheads and discolouration. It can even be used to reduce pigmentation in birthmarks.


What are your secret tips for eternal youth? Do you think we should do away with all these and just accept our wrinkles? Or try and fight it all? Let us know. 



*Studies suggest that lycopene supplements can help keep your heart healthy, slow down eye-ageing and even prevent the likelihood of cancer.