Everything you need to know about Medical Scrubs
Cotton Vs Polyester

You may have heard that cotton clothing is more beneficial instead of polyester clothing Have you ever thought why this is the case? 

Cotton is a natural fibre which is breathable which keeps you cool in hot and humid weather.  It is also absorbent which removes moisture from the skin.  Cotton clothing is especially useful for people who have sensitive skin as it is hypoallergenic.  As the cloth is very soft and easily stretches it is extremely comfortable to wear which is ideal especially if you are wearing it all day at work. Its soft cellulose fibres are densely interlocking which makes it very strong although over time it frays and can tear.

As polyester is synthetic it is not as absorbent as cotton nor does the fabric breath. This means the moisture would just stay in the body.  Its lack of absorbency does mean however that it does not stain as easily as cotton. Polyester is far more durable than cotton as the molecules have a tight bond so it would essentially last longer.  This also means that it can hold its shape better than cotton.

As you can see it is not possible for both fabrics to be perfect as each has its own flaws.  To get the best of both worlds both fabrics were combined to create a durable, strong, breathable cloth. We offer a range of medical scrubs with 50% cotton and 50% polyester which is made to a high standard. The Eldan range of medical scrubs are ideal for those with sensitive skin as they can take advantage of the cotton present.

Who said scrubs had to be dull and boring? Not only are our scrubs practical and comfortable they are also stylish and available in many colours. So why not treat yourself to some scrubs which not only look good but feel good too!

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Medical scrubs for clean environments
Made famous by the Amercian television series, Scrubs, ‘Theatre Blues’ or Medical Scrubs, are widely used by nurses, surgeons and other operating personnel as a hygienic uniform.
Medical Scrubs are popular in environments requiring a high standard of cleanliness and have been specially designed to be simply made with few places for dirt to collect or hide. They are comfortable, easy to clean and cheap to replace and often they are not ‘owned’ by the wearer but are given out and cleaned by hospitals due to the high sterility requirements.
A short history of medical scrubs
Unlike nurses who were one of the first in the medical profession to require a uniform, surgeons simply wore their own clothes with an informal protective garment over the top, e.g. a butcher’s apron. Worryingly, the mark of a good surgeon was how much blood was on his clothes at the end of the day! It wasn’t until around the 1920’s/30’s that medical scrubs were introduced as a result of Lister’s antiseptic theory and advances in surgical aseptic technique.  Scrubs were initially used by anyone taking part in surgical procedures; strangely enough, when scrubs were first introduced, surgeons only grudgingly adopted this practice, along with the gauze maks now commonly associated with surgery.
Medical scrubs used to be white, as did the whole of the medical environment. However, it was discovered that glaring operating lights along with white walls, white sheets and white uniforms caused eye-strain. Green was chosen as a colour that allowed for high-contrast and reduced eye-strain, as well as minimising the visibility of blood stains.
Medical Scrubs today
Originally a cotton uniform for those requiring to ‘scrub up’ for surgery for operating room procedures, medical scrubs are no longer exclusive to medical workers. They have been adopted in some American prisons as a prison uniform, are used by vets and their personnel in surgery, handed out as recovery dress for patients in some medical environments, worn by dentists and healthcare practioners in care homes, as well as by health and beauty therapists.
Medical scrubs now come in a variety of colours –but the most popular for hospital environments are a solid light green, light blue or light green-blue. Some hospitals have started producing these specially in pink due to theft of these garments. It is also not uncommon for different roles within the hospitals and veterinary surgeries to be defined by the colour of their scrubs.
Style-wise, they have moved on from their generic short-sleeved shirt and trousers combination and are also available in a variety of other options that cater for men and women, are more fashionable and allow for bespoke embroidery and different materials.
What's New?

January 2012: We have recently added a new range of medical scrubs from Koi. These medical uniforms have been designed with the shape of our bodeis in mind. They are comfortable to wear, well sized and fashionable. Medical scrubs have never looked so 'in fashion' as they do with the Koi range. Refer to:
  • Koi Medical Scrubs
  • April 2012: We added some additional Cherokee scrubs designs and colours. Cherokee scrubs are some of the most popular medical scrubs amongst healthcare professionals.

  • Some of the most popular styles of medical scrubs that Scrubs UK have available are:
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