Medical Facts You Might Not Know

There are 7 days to the week, 7 colours to a rainbow, 7 notes on a musical scale, so we give you 7 less well known medical facts. From medical supplies to rare conditions, even covering some science fiction!

Ever wondered what the
longest medical
term was?
Brace yourself:


It refers to a lung disease
that is also known as silicosis.
It is the longest word in the English language
published in a dictionary.

What is eunoia?

It is the shortest English word containing
all five main vowel. From the Greek
‘beautiful thinking’, it is a rarely
used medical term to
refer to a state of ...

Normal mental health

Not quite a fact per se, however here are some words
that trip most medical professionals and the rest of us
common mortals!

(blood pressure cuff) or try...


(inflammatory mass in the head of the pancreas). Ok, that
last one is a mouth full, although fact 1 surely must rank top!

There are many made up illnesses in literature, films and TV.
One of our favourite is Shame. From The Hitchhiker's
Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams. It is
‘still a terminal disease in some parts
of the Galaxy" this disease seems
rife amongst the population
of Betelgeuse 5.

We had to give you another
made up one!


Ever heard of it? If you are a Harry Potter fan, you
would know. It is a disease that covers the victim in
purple pustules and renders them unable to speak. The
only known cure is to bind the liver of a toad around
the victim's throat and stand nude in a barrel of eel's
eyes under a full moon.

This may seem strange but it is absolutely real yet
rare. There are only a few reported cases of people
suffering from Human Werewolf Syndrome.

Also known as Hypertrichosis

(sometimes called Ambras syndrome)
is an abnormal amount of
hair growth over the body.

Do you know what BLS might stand for?

Busy Life Syndrome

Scottish researchers have named this new medical
malaise. If you have ever walked into a room and
forgot what you were there for, you may have BLS.
The latter being due to information overload from TV,
mobile phones, tablets, computers! Sounds familiar?

How many of these did you know, or how many of these can you pronounce or even spell! Let us know which are you favourite fictitious ailments, or those medical terms you can’t seem to pronounce no matter how long you’ve worked in the field!

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