Top 10 ' Weird and Wondeful Medical devices'


10 strangest medical devices

 Supplying medical supplies is one of the most important aspects of the ScrubsUK business. Our customer base is varied and so ScrubsUK delivers medical supplies throughout the UK, as well as internationally – on time and with precision.

We do not however supply any of these devices above :) !



Definition of ‘Medical Supplies’ (school research material)

Medical supplies is a broad term for devices and pharmaceuticals that aid with identifying and treating illness. Medical supplies can be categorized into medical devices and equipment, and pharmaceuticals.

 Medical devices and equipment are generally intended for use in the diagnosis of illness, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of illness, disease or other condition. It is these types of medical supplies that ScrubsUK provides.

 Pharmaceuticals are a type of medical supplies that achieve their goal through pharmacological, metabolic or immunological means.


 Types of medical supplies

The medical equipment and devices that ScrubsUK supply are focused at a variety of users, from patients themselves to doctors, nurses, facilities such as nursing homes, and government-run organisations.

For example:


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