Top Ten ScrubsUK Products


We’ve rounded up a list of the favourite products on ScrubsUK to inspire and intrigue you. Maybe there’s something on here you didn’t realise we stocked? With hundreds of products on our website and many being added each week, this highlights some of our most useful.


First Aid Travel Kit 

Whether you’re on a road trip or at home, having a first aid kit is essential for peace of mind. Especially if you have kids, you’ll know too well that cuts, scrapes and grazes are only too common yet with a First Aid kit at the ready, wherever you are, you’ll have them cleaned up and plastered in no time.

first aid kit

They’re small enough to fit into a bag or large pocket and can sit discreetly in a car or at the top of a rucksack for easy access.


Take a look at our range of travel first aid kits, starting from £2.18


Asonor Anti-Snoring Spray

It’s a fact that people value their sleep so it’s no surprise that the Asonor Anti-Snoring is selling like hotcakes. The innovative spray solution gently tightens muscles in the throat, preventing snoring immediately. Clinical trials have shown a 75% decline in snoring in users and best of all, there’s no prescription needed.


Sleep is vital for our body to repair itself and for optimal brain function so if you or your partner snores, have a read for more information.


Eldan Scrubs

If you work in a hospital, vets practice, beauty clinic or dentist, you’ll know that most scrubs are scratchy, stiff and shapeless. Eldan, a Polish brand, have changed all that with their range of fitted and stylish, yet practical workwear. Comfort is their first priority and they even stock maternity scrubs.

medical scrubs and maternity scrubs

Take a look at the trousers, tunics and dresses.


AHC - Hyperhidrosis Deodorant

It is thought that 3% of the population suffer from hyperhidrosis. If that doesn’t sound like a lot, think again. It’s 211 million. The body sweats to control body temperature yet there are many who sweat more than others. It can be a debilitating issue and one that can greatly impact confidence. The AHC range of hyperhidrosis deodorants have been designed to use all over the body and can reduce sweating by 80% - 100%.


Our most popular anti-sweat product is the AHC20 Sensitive


Health East Herbal Teas

Normally only available to practitioners, this is the first time that Health East Herbal Teas have been on sale for general consumers. These four flavours of tea each have different benefits - for beauty, energy and cardiovascular health. Hailing from Taiwan, the teas pass the strictest of tests to ensure that they are free from toxins and heavy metals, unlike a lot of brands you find on the high street.


Drink you way to healthier living >


Ideal Omega Fish Oil

With more people taking responsibility for their health, investing in supplements is another way that one can stay as healthy as possible. Omega 3 is vital for mind, mood and brain function and these pharmaceutical grade fish oil tablets are one way of getting your daily dose easily.


Ideal Omega Fish oil capsules surpass all purity and product excellence requirements making them one of the best on the market.


Buy Ideal Omega now >


Waterless Bathing

Waterless bathing sounds a little like sci-fi but these set of products really are life-changing, especially for those who are limited in movement. With products such as a shampoo cap (like a shower cap that fits over the head) or the bed bath, you can get clean from head to know easily and with as little stress as possible.


They’re also useful for those going camping or to festivals.


Review the waterless bathing range >


Blood Pressure Machine

Having a blood pressure machine at home is a good way of being in control of your health, especially if you are at risk or have been diagnosed with hypertension - something that may not have symptoms and can only be diagnosed with blood pressure tests. However, there are several factors which should be taken into consideration before you decide it is worth investing in a blood pressure monitor: age (the older you are, the more likely you are at risk), family history (the condition seems to run in the family), weight (being overweight or obese increases your risks), smoking (this increases your risk also), salt intake and alcohol consumption.


If any of the above apply to you or you are worried about blood pressure, consult with your doctor first.


If you are thinking of buying a blood pressure monitor for the home, take a look here >


Eye Wash Pods

Summer is on it’s way yet that also brings a lot of ailments that you don’t often see in winter. For example hay fever and dust or sand blowing into eyes. This can happen whether you’re in the city or on the beach. Individually packed eyewash pods are the perfect size for any handbag or pocket in case of emergencies and also fit snugly into first aid kits. Each pod is a one-time use only and sterile.

eye wash pods

Choose your eyewash pods >


Gloves in a Bottle

Gloves in a Bottle is exactly what it says it is - an innovative shielding lotion, it’s a liquid that forms a barrier when applied to skin. It’s ideal for putting onto hands with sensitive skin underneath traditional gloves, for those with dermatitis and and psoriasis. And there’s no need to wash off! It naturally comes away when you shed skin cells after 3-4 hours.

Glove in a bottle

Buy Gloves in a Bottle here >


Are there any products that you wished we stocked? Or is there something in particular you are looking for? Email us on to discuss further.