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New Products is your dedicated medical supplier! We take a very flexible approach to help your business source consumables at competitive prices. Small orders or large orders are welcome, and accounts can easily be set up. ScrubsUK is not 'just' a medical supplier, it is also dedicated to featuring great quality heathcare products for all customers. Our range of products is expanding fast and we welcome any suggestions! All your medical supplies and requirements under one roof. If it is not on our site please call us on 0870 080 2332 as we most certainly will have it in the office!

Medical Scrubs

ScrubsUK is now one of the largest medical scrubs supplier online. We have gathered a huge range of quality and stylish medical scrubs from various UK based suppliers. Most medical scrubs can be delivered fast, and we are always happy to assist you in choosing from our large range. Embroidery to stamp your corporate identity on your medical scrubs, is also available and details can be found under each medical scrubs, depending on the brand. Medical scrubs from First Choice, medical scrubs from Dickies, medical scrubs Cherokee, medical scrubs from Urbane, medical scrubs from Easiephit, medical scrubs from Gg, medical scrubs from Alexandra and many more...

Medical Supplies

ScrubsUK offers one of the largest range of medical supplies and consumables online, and offline! Our proposition is quite simple, regardless of size, we aim to be competitive whilst offering choice in terms of medical supplies. We work with a large range of medical suppliers / manufacturers from the UK and worldwide to offer as wide a range as possible. We are able to supply a single unit as well as large bulk orders; Our medical supplies range numbers in excess of 10,000 products and we are always happy to source new products if those meet our clients requirements. Our team is experienced in the field of healthcare, and is on hand to advise on products. Medical supplies can be ordered online, or an account can be set up with the office. Orders can then be taken in various ways: emails, phone, fax, or by accessing your account online.                                                      

OMIC skin care offers acne remedies and help with other skin conditions

A new range of skin care products aimed at helping with acne, minimizing brown spots, reducing dark circle under the eyes, helping with rosacea and reducing sun damage to the skin. The OMIC range is new to the UK and comes through years of ongoing research and development. The Mitchell Group’s laboratory facilities located in the United States, Switzerland and France continue to discover new cutting-edge formulas that promote clear and healthy skin! If you have been looking for a solution to get rid of acne, help with rosacea or a solution to reduce brown spots look no further. Our team is always happy to share its knowledge on OMIC and help with your skin care requirements, whatever those might be: acne, rosacea, dark spots, brown spots, dry skin, acne scars, sun damage, skin ageing.


Excessive sweating! Hyperhidrosis remedies with AHC

Scrubs UK introduces the AHC range to help with hyperhidrosis, otherwise known as excessive sweating. AHC is effective against hyperhidrosis and gentle for sensitive skins. The AHC range against excessive sweating is enriched with plant extracts for added gentleness. 80% to 100% effective against excessive sweating.Excessive perspiration solutions! how to stop sweating? Look no further. JV Cosmetics was founded in 1998 and has its head offices in Switzerland. Its aims are to develop the most effective products to tackle excessive sweating and to produce high quality ingredients. The production process uses a modern ISO 9001: 2000 certified process management system. JV Cosmetics states with pride that there are no comparable products on the market against excessive sweating!
Method to reduce excessive sweating
JV Cosmetics' products naturally close up the pores in the middle and upper skin layers. It works after the first application and reduces excess sweating by between 80% and 100%. The body still has enough other evaporation areas, so your well-being will not be affected. The product is only used externally and, in most cases, using it once a week is enough to ensure that the products are optimally effective. New! The additional plant extracts mean that the products are very gentle to the skin. The result: “simply dry” – despite the demands of everyday life.


Help With Acne Treatment - Skincare Carefully Selected!

If you are looking for a range of skincare products which really does make a difference, then you will find what you need at ScrubsUK. In our search for quality medical consumables we have found various skincare products, which offer a solution to various skin conditions. As we are a one stop shop for anything medical and health related, we thought we should feature these products. There are many  acne remedies out there, and it is difficult to decide which will work best for your skin. We have an acne blog, please contribute to it, and tell us of your experiences. Even better if you have tried our proposed acne remedies. You will find our acne remedies range under the 'problem skin' , ' Skin Care' and ' Personal Care'. Yes, in three categories as we wanted to make sure that you could find these great acne remedies! Help with acne treatment is not far, and should you require additional information on our products, please contact us. We are always happy to share feedback users have given us, and always happy to hear about your suggestions to help with acne treatment. Read our blog on acne treatment!